RK Apartement
2011 — 2012

The client of the JR Loft was so pleased with the results that he recommended us to his sister, who was moving with her husband and two young children to a typical Haussmann building in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris. This led to our firm’s first private project in Paris, inspiring us for many more to come.

Like all of our projects, there were hidden challenges built into the brief, which ultimately were overcome and contributed to the uniqueness of the overall design. We wanted to maintain the original Parisian character of the apartment, which was full of wonderful Haussmann details, including moldings and ornaments, while also transforming it into a home suitable for a young family working on a budget, which meant restructuring the space and rethinking the spatial circulations.

As often happens, such requirements enhanced the outcome instead of limiting or detracting from it. We created a very luxurious but ultimately understated apartment by starting with a graphic vision of space and materials. To achieve bright, modern, and elegant rooms, we painted the walls by hand with a matte mineral paint, restored the existing wood floors, and integrated a subtle and elegant black and white color scheme that extends to the screens that separate the spaces, adding a modern industrial touch.
The result is a sophisticated home characterized by lightness and simplicity, radiating from the monochromatic palette, distinctive raw materials, and a beautiful collection of Pierre Jeanneret furniture. This apartment has a remarkable balance between the old and the new, retaining the historical details through the restoration of the architecture and the selection of modernist furniture, juxtaposed with a completely new state of the art kitchen and bathrooms allowing for the best of twenty-first-century comforts within a nineteenth-century frame.

Photographs — Claessens & Deschamps