MM House Wallpaper*

A hotel magnate’s brutalist base in Mexico City has us green with envy. Wallpaper* features MM House in Mexico City.

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Est Living Interview

Belgian Architect Nicolas Schuybroek has long been on our watch list. His distinctly considered approach to design reflects an aesthetic of absolute contemporary elegance that leaves us wanting more every time. We sat down to learn more about where the designer draws inspiration from, his penchant for curated vintage furniture and what goes into creating a pared-back architectural setting.

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The Robey shortlisted in Wallpaper*

We are pleased to announce that The Robey has been shortlisted by Wallpaper* magazine for Best Urban Hotel Awards 2017. Six well-travelled judges have been chosen to vote for their favourite hotels, which will be announced in the January issue.

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Job Offer / Senior Architect

Nicolas Schuybroek Architects are currently looking for an experienced Architect with 5 to 10 years of experience. Desired skills and experience:

  • At least 5 years of work experience in similar studios/offices
  • Strong creative and technical skills and the ability to lead projects in Belgium and abroad
  • Affinity for interior design and furniture design
  • Architects should be registered in Belgium. Experience in all project stages, especially construction sites is a must
  • Strong understanding of our work philosophy and work in general
  • Perfect bilingual French or Dutch - preferably Dutch speaking as a mother–tongue. Excellent comprehension of written and spoken English
  • Proficiency in AutoCAD 2014, Sketchup or other 3D modeling software and Adobe software (Photoshop and InDesign)

Please send your portfolio and CV to info@ns-architects

Est Living

An impressive 1800s home in the historic centre of Antwerp became the perfect blank canvas for Nicolas Schuybroek and his team. An architect skilled in creating minimal, open and elegant spaces Schuybroek was presented with the privileged opportunity of reimagining this 12-room home for a fashion creative who works in Paris but returns to Antwerp for weekends.

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Oracle Fox

This interior masterpiece is by Nicolas Schuybroek. If you haven’t yet acquainted yourself with his work, I would encourage some serious research right about now. With an impeccable eye for detail and design, Schuybroek is renowned for his timeless, modern approach, that still emanates a feeling of warmth and liveability – that of which is not an easy feat when it comes to the ongoing waves of on-trend minimalism.

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Nicolas Schuybroek's approach to design is admirable and characterised by an acute sense of detail, craftsmanship and intuition, while retaining a feeling of warmth. This sense of warmth radiates through MK House and highlights the expertly balanced palette of white, timber and black. Truly exceptional.

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Interiores Minimalistas

MK House in Antwerp featured in the Spanish website Interiors Minimalists. Read the full story here:

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Elle Decor Italy

Elle Decor Italy features MK House in Antwerp. Read the story here:

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This project is all about the interior, with a brave and bold approach of keeping things totally restrained. Clean lines and an ultra-minimalist palette produce a calming, yet agonisingly beautiful experience.

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New website and identity

We are proud and extremely happy to introduce our new website and identity, designed by our good friend Javas Lehn. The updated website includes new projects and pictures, plans and a comprehensive list of projects, without boundaries between type or discipline.

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Architect Nicolas Schuybroek takes us inside his latest project, a 19th-century house in the historic district of Antwerp, Belgium, renewed through a modern scope

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The Coolhunter

MK house is a recently renovated heritage-listed townhouse from the early 1800’s located in the historic centre of Antwerp. Brussels-based Nicolas Schuybroek was presented with the task of re-imagining the house for a top fashion creative who works in Paris but returns to his native Antwerp for weekends.

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Simplicity Love

MK House in Antwerp, Belgium, is the latest residence designed by Brussels based Nicolas Schuybroek architects, through his distinct, clean, minimalist approach.

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From time to time some projects deserve a second look. That is when Minimalissimo revisits outstanding pieces from the past. Take a look at this beauty originally covered over 3 years ago.

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CS House is an elegant Belgium home defined by a palette of black and white. The home has a rather traditional exterior and floorplan, but that did not stop Nicolas Schuybroek Architects from turning the interior into a modern marvel. No detail is overlooked: from the warm grain of the floor to the effortless drop of the pendant lights.

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The D Pages

A consistent thread throughout Schuybroek’s architecture and design emerges in the form of an unmistakable technical rigor and an acute sense of detail. As for his interiors, they betray Schuybroek’s Belgian roots in all the best ways – from the contemporary aesthetic to the ultra clean lines to the measured rusticity – it’s a masterful balance that only the natives seem to get so beautifully right.

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Travel + Leisure It List

We are proud to announce that The Robey Chicago for Grupo Habita has been chosen by Travel + Leisure to be featured on their It List. Every year, Travel + Leisure picks this highly selective list, which encompasses openings and major renovations from the previous year. For 2017, just 44 properties, from the Seychelles to Beijing to Chicago, were included on the It List.

Job Offer

Nicolas Schuybroek Architects is currently looking for an Architect with an affinity for interior design and furniture design for high-end residential and commercial projects. Desired skills and experience:
At least 5 years of work experience
Registered architect in Belgium
Strong creative and technical skills and the ability to lead projects in Belgium and abroad
Perfect bilingual: French or Dutch as a mother-tongue. Excellent comprehension of written and spoken English
Proficiency in AutoCAD 2014, Sketchup or other 3D modeling software and Adobe software (Photoshop and InDesign)


In Chicago, The Robey hotel fuses 20th-century architecture with contemporary design. Located in a historic art deco tower more commonly known as the Coyote Building, The Robey hotel is a subtle romanticization of past-century Chicago, albeit through a modern interpretation of interior design.

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Architects Newspaper

Golden Oldies: a newly remodeled 1920s building adds to Chicago’s growing list of boutique tower hotels.

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Architectural Record

Blair Kamin reviews the Robey hotel in Chicago for Architectural Record (USA): “the design team has enlivened, rather than entombed, the old skyscraper, which now expresses layers of time rather than a single era”.

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CN Traveler

Condé Nast Traveler (USA) writes about the opening of The Robey—in a landmark Art Deco building—from Mexico-based Grupo Habita, shifting the city’s hotel game four L stops northwest of downtown.

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AD France

Au Robey, les designers ont fait des miracles. Il y a des parois de verre et de métal entre les lits et les salles d'eau. Il y des plaids gris perle et des murs taupes qui habillent vos pénates de sensualités sombres. Tandis que le mobilier, du rez-de-chaussé jusqu'au rooftop, travaille une veine moderniste sans écueils ni trop-plein.

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The Telegraph

The Telegraph (UK) writes about the Robey Hotel: “like a piece of Trivial Pursuit pie, the striking wedge-shaped Art Deco building peers over a famous six-corner intersection in the kinetic Wicker Park neighborhood. Skyline views rise in the distance, while the local scene's beloved music venues, restaurants and bars call for full immersion”.

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Read more about the opening of The Robey in Chicago in French lifestyle magazine IDEAT.

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Lauren Ho writes about the opening of The Robey in Chicago for Wallpaper*: « The design was conceived as a subtle balance between Americana style and pared down, timeless, almost Belgian interiors.. A harmony between old and new, European and American, unpretentious and elegant, timeless and warm ».

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Elle Decor Russia

JR Apartment photographed by Stephan Julliard featured in the Russian edition of Elle Decor. Read the story by Ian Philips here.

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1st Dibs Introspective

Whether he’s creating a hotel or a private home, the Belgian architect and interior designer imbues his perfectly pared-down spaces with warmth. Ian Philips describes how Nicolas Schuybroek strives for timeless minimalism.

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Chicago Tribune

Chicago’s Tribune architectural critic and Pritzker Prize winner Blair Kamin writes about the transformation of a Wicker Park landmark.

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Design Hotels

The Robey, Chicago for Grupo Habita has been added to the Design Hotels list and website.

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Sleeper Magazine

Grupo Habita announces the opening of The Robey. Read the story in Sleeper Magazine (USA).

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The Spaces

Grupo Habita opens its latest hotel in Chicago’s Coyote Building. Read the story from The Spaces here:

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The D Pages

JR Apartment in Paris is featured on the D Pages (USA).

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Bamboo Magazine

Brazilian magazine Bamboo covers JR Apartment in Paris

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Yatzer’s cover of Milan Furniture Fair 2016 includes the HH Bowl for when objects work.

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1st Dibs Designers

Nicolas Schuybroek Architects is now part of the 1st Dibs selected design firms.

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Plastolux covers a selection of interior projects by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects.

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There’s something inherently luxurious about an integrated sink, especially when carved from marble. Here are 14 covetable examples: an integrated Carrara marble sink in the JR Loft in Brussels by Nicolas Schuybroek.

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We must give him credit. No new-build home for Nicolas. Instead, he decided to renovate an old butcher shop into an office space and compact home for him and his family. We meet for coffee near the Ixelles Ponds. Read the interview with Magali Elali on Coffeeklatch. Pictures by Bart Kiggen.

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Sonkes shop in Brussels featured by Adèle Lim on Minimalisimo.

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Share Design

Famed optician Lionel Sonkes’ reputation of high-end, custom-made spectacles has filtered into the interior of the new Sonkes Lunetterie, designed by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects.

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Belgian architect Nicolas Schuybroek of NS Architects has recently completed a remarkable minimalist single storey holiday house in the South of France. Situated in the Mediterranean on the Côte d'Azur, more specifically in Cap d’ Antibes, this is modern architecture at its finest; linear, geometric, elegant and stunningly beautiful, it artfully integrates into and adapts to its surrounding environment.

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What I really love about this man’s work is his considered approach, relentless consistency and understated luxury captured in each space. His projects explore a sharp vision of space and materials, while maintaining a feeling of warmth. In just under 2 years, Schuybroek has managed to undertake projects on the Cote d’Azur (France), Ibiza (Spain) and Belgian coast amongst other places. Impressive.

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These interiors are designed by Nicolas Schuybroek, former employee at Vincent Van Duysen architects. Since he started his own studio in Brussels in 2011, he has created some stunning projects. Pure white walls combined with modern furniture defines his personal style. Here’s a sneak-peak of his portfolio.

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AD France

Ce jeune Bruxellois a fait ses classes entre Montréal et Anvers, où il a été pendant cinq ans directeur de projet chez Vincent Van Duysen. Il prend définitivement son envol en ouvrant dans sa ville natale sa propre agence en 2011. Depuis, les projets d’appartements ou de maisons privées s’enchaînent en France et en Belgique.

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Former employee at Vincent Van Duysen, Belgian architect Nicolas Schuybroek has created quite some stunning projects of his own during the last two years since he started his own studio in Brussels in 2011. Here are a couple of sneak peaks from his portfolio.

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Emma's blog

If you are on Pinterest you might have already seen some of these photos because they have been floating around there for the last week, but I still wanted to show them here because I think they are so good. These interiors are designed by Belgian architect Nicolas Schuybroek.

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